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Cube Coffee Bar is a specialty coffee shop located in Budapest, Hungary on a beautiful, historic market square.
We currently work with beans roasted for Cube by Casino Mocca.
We also serve wraps, salads, fresh baked goods, low carb cakes, artisanal wines and hearty brunches every Sunday. Our takeaway packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable.


Sunday Brunch / Sunday, December 9th, 2018 at 9:30 AM - 2 PM UTC+02 / Cube Coffee Bar / Hungary, Budapest

Fall is the season for apples as it is the season for salted caramel. Well not entirely, but one is certainly a great compliment to the other. What better way to present these than these than in velvety soft crepes, filled with ricotta cheese and topped with caramalized apples, salted caramel sauce and toasted nuts.
The Cost of Brunch 1,690 Ft.

Az ősz nem csak az alma időszaka, de a sós karamellé is, legalábbis remekül kiegészítik egymást. Legjobb pedig egy bársonyos, ricottával töltött palacsintán, amit karamellizált almával, sós karamell öntettel és pirított dióval kínálunk.
A brunch ára 1690 ft.