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Cube Coffee Bar is a specialty coffee shop located in Budapest, Hungary on a beautiful, historic market square.
We currently work with beans from Columbia’s Nariño region exclusively roasted for Cube by local micro roastery Casino Mocca and available as a light
roast in filtered and espresso drinks. We also serve wraps, salads, fresh baked goods, low carb cakes, artisanal wines and hearty brunches every Sunday. Our takeaway packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable.


Sunday, July 22th, 2018 at 10 AM - 2 PM UTC+02 / Cube Coffee Bar / Hungary, Budapest

Popular throughout the Balkans, börek is served with a multitude of fillings from savoury to sweet. For this occasion, layers of flakey dough will get filled with sweetened cottage cheese and baked to a crispy tan. We'll be serving it with a side of honey sweetened yoghurt sauce and a seasonal berry fruit salad.

The cost of the brunch is : 1,590 Ft.

Az egész Balkánon közkedvelt specialitással készülünk a vasárnapi brunchra. Börek ,amit ez alkalommal édesen kóstolhattok, a ropogós rétegek között túróval töltve.Mellé pedig mézzel édesített joghurtot és szezonális bogyós gyümölcsös salátát kínálunk.

A brunch ára : 1,590 Ft.